Andreas Sannemann

Andreas Sannemann is a leading international audio imaging specialist, composer and Stuttgart-based entrepreneur who joined forces with Dave “Chachi" Denes and Oliver Klenk in 2008 to form Benztown. Together, they built a network of partners in the United States, Germany, England, Australia, and New Zealand delivering distinctive audio branding, imaging and programming to over 1900 affiliates on six continents. Sannemann began his career creating memorable imaging for bigFM in Germany. He quickly became known for his unique branding style, innovative ideas and ability to recognize upcoming trends in audio imaging and music production. He is the mastermind behind the Industry-leading technology and proprietary system for Benztown's highly successful web-based imaging solution, “Benztown Branding", used by nearly 2000 radio stations worldwide. Imaging for the 21st Century and beyond—that's his mission!

Dave “Chachi" Denes

Dave “Chachi" Denes is President and Co-­Founder of Benztown, a leading international audio branding, imaging and voiceover company he founded in 2008 with Stuttgart­based radio producers, Andreas Sannemann and Oliver Klenk. In July, 2010, Denes formed Benztown Radio Networks, an international media syndication company providing dynamic programming and features to radio stations and media companies around the world. The companies have offices and studios in Los Angeles, New York and Stuttgart. Denes began his radio career in 1996 at Star 100.7/KFMB in San Diego, where he earned acclaim as producer and on­-air sidekick for Michael Steele and later as producer for Jagger and Kristi. After graduating from the University of San Diego, Denes spent a year as Rick Dees' assistant producer at KIIS­-FM in Los Angeles. In 2001, Denes became Operations Manager for KBIG and KOST-­FM in L.A. and served as Jhani Kaye's right hand man until he was appointed Program Director for KBIG/MYfm in L.A. When he was named to the position in 2004, he was just 28 years old, making him the youngest PD in L.A. radio history. During his five­-year tenure, he grew the station from 17th­-rated to 5th­-rated among English language stations Adults 25-­54.

Oli “The Captain" Klenk

Oliver “Oli" Klenk is an extraordinarily talented audio production wunderkind and composer who heads production and composition for Benztown. Klenk's compositions and productions are well known for their customized character and indelible acoustic IDs. As an imaging and sound design consultant, jingle composer and mixing engineer, his work can be heard on stations from Sydney to Los Angeles. Klenk is based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Wade Denes

Wade Denes spent 4 years working in Los Angeles for some of the biggest names and stations in radio. He spent nearly two years co­-imaging KBIG 104.3 and KOST 103.5 while voicing for local commercials. His imaging and voice became well known in the market and during that time Wade also became well known as a producer working with notable talents like Jhani Kaye and Gary Spears. In early 2006, Wade left Clear Channel when Jhani Kaye took over as Program Director for K­-Earth 101 and brought Wade over to help program and produce. Wade dubbed over 300 songs for K­-Earth and helped become responsible for what is considered the cleanest sounding Oldies station ever. His mixes became recognized by other Oldies stations and CBS soon began using his mixes on their other affiliates. Wade eventually left CBS and has since worked for Dial Global and in 2007 he launched his own imaging company, Athos Audio, before finally joining the Benztown Branding team.

Masa Patterson

Masa Patterson began his radio career in 2006, writing and editing sports updates for KNX 1070 News Radio in Los Angeles. He moved to Premiere Radio Networks in 2007 where after a short stint in Network Operations he was invited to join the affiliate relations team where he developed a thorough understanding of the network radio business and grew Premiere's affiliates through various production and imaging services and jingle packages. In 2009, Masa connected with Dave “Chachi" Denes and they began working to grow Benztown's footprint, eventually securing a national syndication and distribution deal for their innovative combinations of production, voice over, and imaging services. He currently oversees general operations for Benztown and affiliate relations efforts for all of Benztown's offerings, including 9 production & imaging libraries, voice over services, The Melissa Etheridge Show, The Bring it Minute with Tony Horton, The Todd N Tyler Radio Empire, Slow Jams with R­-Dub!, Hot Mix, and others. He has captained the growth of the Benztown affiliate roster to 2000 stations in just a few years and continues to expand Benztown's reach.

Nick DeGregorio
Affiliates Sales

Nick D. begins his second decade in radio and after stops at United Stations, Westwood One, Dial Global, Cumulus, and Sun Broadcast Group; his mother still has no idea what he does. A devout Hulkamanic, Nick is a soccer snob, and has a bit of Red Bull problem.

Justin Case

Since the mid 90's, Justin Case has immersed himself in everything radio. He made his Albuquerque debut at the young age of 14. Doing what he could with an unbelievably high pitched voice and no experience, Justin worked from weekend shifts and fill in, to now an afternoon jock, mix show coordinator and imaging director, as well as the National Urban Imaging Director and voiceover artist for Benztown Radio Networks. Knowing that this was his passion, Justin received his Master's certificate in music production & technology from the Berklee School of Music in 2008. Justin is also highly recognized in the Albuquerque nightlife culture and arguably one of the best DJs in the Southwest. The TW!X M!X which airs nightly with Justin's parent station, KDLW – 97-­7 OMG Radio/Albuquerque, is now heard in New York City. Justin has acquired critical acclaim through multiple media outlets and has achieved a variety of accomplishments; he has truly become a jack-­of-­all-­trades.

Jason Griffin

Jason has spent his entire radio career in the two biggest markets, New York and Los Angeles. Before his time with Benztown, Jason did all sorts of work with 104.3 KBIG at Clear Channel Los Angeles from promotions to on air. Eventually, he was upped to Programming Coordinator and was instrumental in the launch of 104.3 MyFM in 2007. At Benztown, Jason was the Director of Programming with a focus on shows and the imaging roster. Most recently, he was the Executive Producer of the Ty Bentli morning show at 92.3 Now at CBS New York. Jason has continued with Benztown and serves as the East Coast liaison, as well as writer, producer and consultant for special projects.

Chris Johansing

Chris (aka “Jack" aka “Spicoli") graduated from Cal State University, Northridge in 2008, with a degree in Music Industry Studies. He spent the first couple years of his career in Music Publishing & Copyright Administration. Then some guy named Chachi talked him into working at a little startup radio imaging house called Benztown Branding. Also known as “001," Chris is Benztown's first official fulltime employee. He's hacked and clawed his way up from manning the front desk to managing all marketing & web operations for Benztown's production libraries, syndicated programming, and voice-over/imaging rosters. He's got 7 older siblings, an overly optimistic outlook on life, and a curious mind that delivers the occasional “good idea"

Kevin Horton

Kevin started his radio career as an intern for Hot92 Jamz and Star 98.7 while attending Long Beach State. He was hired on full time as a production and programming assistant for Star and later a mixing engineer for the Clear Channel performance lounge. That led him to Westwood One as the editor and mix engineer of the Billy Bush Show and imaging director on various specials. Kevin is passionate about music (listening and playing) and food (cooking and eating) and enjoying the two with friends and family.

Shane Drasin

Shane Drasin is a multi-instrumentalist with strengths in Pop/Rock, Dance/Electronica. Hip Hop and R&B. Formally partners and student of the late Oji Pierce (Montell Jordan, Coolio), Shane has honed and perfected his craft while working with some of the most respected songwriters today.

Bonnie Nordling

Bonnie Nordling travelled across the pond from London 9 years ago to study Film Production & Political Science at USC. While there, she produced and budgeted several award winning short thesis films. Upon graduating, she began training as a Private Investigator at Greyman's, before switching back into the business budgeting world, by joining NV Business Services, Inc. Over the course of 3 years, she wrote over 150 business plans for companies and nonprofits, projecting their financials while delving into their business history. Bonnie is now happy to be part of the entertainment world again at Benztown Branding and is excited to be their Business Manager.

Sydney Burgoyne

Sydney attended University of Colorado at Boulder. She graduated from the Journalism & Communications School with a degree in Broadcast News. Her first radio gig was a Compliance Representative at Metro Networks in Houston (a former subsidiary of Westwood One, now owned by Clear Channel Communications). In 2013, she migrated to Los Angeles, where she landed her first production gig at Benztown's Corporate Headquarters in Burbank.

Lisa Dollinger

Lisa Dollinger is a strategic communication and marketing specialist with over 20 years experience managing the reputations and public images of some of the world's foremost entertainment brands, media executives and entertainment personalities. As a global media and entertainment executive, Dollinger was Chief Communications Officer for Clear Channel Communications, Inc., a Fortune 500 global media and entertainment company. Her work has been featured in a Harvard Business School published case study. Dollinger has ranked among the top 2 in Radio Ink Magazine's annual ranking of Most Influential Women in Radio, being named to the list every year from 2003 through 2011. She was named one of the 2011 Most Powerful and Influential Women of Texas by the National Diversity Council and was also appointed to the Commission for Healthy Media Images for Girls by the Girls Scouts of the USA.

Tracy Johnson

Tracy has more than 25 years of experience managing air talent and freelance consulting on both local and national platforms. He brings to Benztown unquestionable expertise in developing successful on-air content, backed an award-winning programming career, 3 books written, and over 200 radio stations consulted. His “how-can-we-take-this-to-the-next-level" mentality and uncanny ability to understand what listeners truly want, and how best to deliver it, have made him an invaluable asset to Benztown's syndicated programs like The Melissa Etheridge Radio Show, Flashback and Your Weekend with Jim Brickman.

Jan Brückner

Jan's love for music started at the age of 9, when he began playing drums. By his teenage years, he was writing music and producing beats for local artists in a studio he built in his home. He received his Bachelor of Arts Audio Production degree in 2012 from SAE Institute. After moving around and getting his feet wet in several different internships, he jumped on board with Benztown later in 2012. In April 2013, he became the new Classic Hits Format Captain and took on SpeakerToyz AC, Benztown's Urban AC and Urban imaging libraries shortly thereafter.

Konrad Hanswillemenke

Konrad Hanswillemenke got his first taste of radio imaging when he became an intern at Benztown Stuttgart in 2008. After finishing his Bachelors Degree in Music Journalism and working at the University of Music Karlsruhe he rejoined the team in 2013. Konrad is a music fanatic and devotes himself to songs and sounds from many perspectives - playing violoncello and piano, music production, radio show production and DJ gigs.

Stefan Klopfer

Stefan Klopfer is a Digital Nomad, working from wherever he's connected to the internet and to people, but mostly from Stuttgart and Barcelona. After his Degree in Digital Media he was working in a wide range of media, startups and international web projects, always with the main focus of creating more internection. At Benztown he's handling all our digital issues to make our audio platforms as functional, connectiv and user-friendly as possible for all members of the Benztown Brigade.

Dan Gustafson

Compelling imaging that effectively brands a station is very different than imaging that sounds good. That is the philosophy of Dan Gustafson. For over 15 years he has been writing and producing imaging that enhances a station's message with the use of imagination, thoughtful sound design and well-­timed, intricate vocal processing. Dan's obsessive search for sonic bliss has reached the airwaves of Boston, Las Vegas, Fresno, Buffalo, Reno, Jacksonville and a plethora of other markets. Slick imaging can make your station sound good, but imaging that enhances your message from Dan Gustafson can help your station win... and sound amazing doing it. Take a listen, and get in touch... His wife, two kids, cat and weenie dog thank you.

Chris Davis

Who is Chris Davis? Well, he is a Kiwi who works from his home studio based in Wellington, New Zealand (affectionately known as Nuu Zillund). Chris works as an image producer for the Kyle and Jackie O Breakfast Show at 2Day FM Sydney, which is unique for its huge behind the scenes contingent including 6 dedicated show producers and 2 full time image producers. Chris has worked in radio production for over 10 years, throughout which time he has taken on a number of different audio production roles, in both New Zealand and Australia. Chris has consistently racked up awards for his work. His biggest accolade came in 2009, when he became the proud recipient of a New York Festivals bronze World Medal, for best contest promotion. You can check out more of his work on Soundcloud/Radiochris

Adam “Hoody" Hood

Adam 'Hoody' Hood started his radio career in 2001 as part of the promotional street team for Wyvern FM in Worcester. He quickly realized that radio was a creative output he could fall in love with, and spent time in every department to learn as much as he possibly could. He became a Network Producer for The One Network in 2004, servicing 35 stations across the UK. In 2008 in London, he helped spearhead the rebranding of the One Network stations to become the largest commercial radio Network in the UK, regularly reaching 8 million listeners, the Heart Network. Also working on Gold, Classic FM and XFM, Adam became Senior Imaging Producer for the Network in 2011.

Adam Schneider

Hip. Young. Contemporary. That, in a nutshell, is Adam Schneider. A true rockstar at heart, he began his obsession with sound at the age of 10 when he bought his first guitar. Adam was soon producing and recording his own music as well as the music of many of his friends. The jump to audio production was next and Adam began producing, voicing, and writing promos and commercials for radio stations and select clients around the country. he has imaged formats such as Rock, CHR, Classic Hits, Jack, Talk, Sports, and Adult Standards in such markets as Miami, Atlanta, Boston, and Columbus, OH. A true “outside the box" thinker, Adam can give your station the sound it needs!

Randall Wright

Great imaging that shows the true attitude and expresses the feel for a station can make the difference between an O.K. frequency to something listeners can't turn away from. For 12 years Randall Wright has gone by this creed while working for the Marconi award winning, original “Wolf" Country station in Dallas-­Fort Worth, Texas. Born and raised in west Fort Worth, Texas and now living in Dallas, Randall does the imaging for KPLX, the number one Country station in Dallas-­Fort Worth, Texas and the imaging for WSM-­FM the number one Country station in Nashville, Tennessee. Randall also has done Country imaging for stations in Cincinnati, Harrisburg/York, and the list increases to grow when more stations see the overall results in ratings. Not to mention the imaging help he has given for sister stations that have been of the Classic Rock, Hot AC, and Political Talk formats respectively.

James Stodd

James started his radio career in Student Radio – running a student station and in the process picking up the Best Student DJ award in the 1992 BBC Radio 1 Student Radio Awards. He then spent 5 years as a producer and presenter learning the trade at Radio Mercury in Crawley (near London). After spending a year at a local BBC station, James moved to Wales and became the Head of Production for Capital Radio Group's Red Dragon FM. Whilst there, James helped them win the NTL Commercial Radio Station of the Year in 1999. London then called and in 2002, James became the Head of Production for the Capital FM Network. He then moved across to become Head of Station Sound for 95.8 Capital FM London in 2005. Whilst there, he led the making team and produced imaging for all kinds of artist specials and also produced the imaging for The Entertainment Edge with Ryan Seacrest which ran across the UK Hit Music Network. During his time at Capital, he was part of the team that won a SONY Gold Radio Award for the Lights Out London campaign. James left Capital in 2008 and joined London based Puretonic Media. He then changed direction and joined the BBC in 2009 – working for BBC Creative Marketing – producing radio spots for the BBC National Radio networks to promote the BBC's TV shows. He left the BBC in 2012 and is now Senior Producer for Celador Radio, providing production and imaging leadership for The Breeze Network (AC) and Jack FM South Coast.

Maximilian Kotzur

Max joined Benztown as an intern in late 2013. He got into sound design and SFX recording during his SAE Institute Diploma in Stuttgart. Working as an location sound mixer on several film sets for the „Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg“, he trained his ears and field-recording skills. Beside the Benztown world he mixes concerts, theater performances and promotes parties. Max' passion is to maximize and expand his sound engineering knowledge, to constantly improve his output.

Christian Pössnicker

Christian Pössnicker is a young composer and multi-instrumentalist. His musical education began in the age of 4 when he started to play piano, later added flute and saxophone. After finishing school he studied media composition in cologne and worked on student short films. He got in touch with radio production over an internship at Benztown-Branding Stuttgart and teamed up with them in 2014. Christian is comfortable producing in most genres ranging from orchestral music-beds to modern dance music.

Alexander Greim

Alexander programs and maintains the the backend of which he wrote in the Ruby Programing Language utilizing "Ruby on Rails" (RoR). RoR is also used by cutting edge web based companies such as Twitter and Hulu. Alexander has been a leading RoR developer for over 3 years now and he wrote A LOT of code for Benztown Branding version 2.0!

Stefan Sprenger

Stefan has 10 years of experience in building web-based software. Since 2008 Ruby on Rails is the tool of his choice for creating modern applications. He even wrote a book about it.